Off The Beaten Path by Justin Moore (Music Review)


Lately Ive been listening to country music (which i usually don’t) and mainly been listening to Justin Moore. His new album is called “Off The Beaten Path” and its a pretty good album. I’m not gonna go from song to song because i just don’t really feel like that’s a good idea, ill tell you why a little bit. Like I said i really like the like the album, some songs more then others but its all good.


Justin has a good style of writing and singing, he doesn’t write all the songs, in fact “Off The Beaten Path” the song he didn’t write. Also the single off that album “Point at You” wasn’t written by him either. All in all its a good album but it does have some language in it that’s why I’m not doing a song by song but what can you expect from a country artist. I think it does have a religious song on there which he did write called “One Dirt Road” which is about how we wishes that heaven has only one dirt road. I highly recommend this album if you like country music.


That’s all i have today folks, please follow this blog and give me feedback along with sharing it with your friends! Thanks for listening!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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