Grace Unplugged Movie Review


First off there will be Spoilers in this post. Okay hey guys i know i haven’t posted in a while, its just because i haven’t had anything to post about and now i do. So last night i went to see a movie with my youth group called Grace Unplugged, and I’m gonna tell you what i thought of it, give or take. I’m not going to go over the whole movie just the parts that i think is worth going over.

So putting the movie in about one sentence would be like; Father and Daughter in a worship band, daughter wants to do her own thing so she runs off to do her own thing then realized that she likes it better at home. But basically that’s how it was, she runs off and she thinks she can do things on her own but she doesn’t realize all the things that comes with being a “Rockstar” so she gets all the things she was hoping for,  a hit song and a record deal and a fan base but shes still not happy. She isnt just running from her parents shes running from God and no matter how much stuff she has shes not happy. So she runs back home and writes a song about how her returning. 2 years after she is getting ready to marry the intern she met at the record label who helped her realize what she need to do, and shes playing with her dad again in a worship band.

That’s all i have for you today people, hope you liked it. Please follow this blog and give me feedback and share it with your friends. Thanks for listening!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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