Planes (Movie) Review

 planes-2013-0sA few weeks ago i went to see Planes in theaters and yes i realize it is made for little kids but its still entertaining to me. It was a really good movie so well done Pixar once again with a successful movie like Cars was. In fact it is a lot like Cars as far as the story line goes but it not one of those movies you get bored with because you know the ending. I will go over some good point about the movie and maybe a few bad ones if i can think of any. Attention there is some spoilers in this post.


Like i said it was very similar to Cars in the story line except it was with planes and not cars. A rookie plane gets into a race around the world with the intention to win. The big thing is he is a fertilizer plane not a racing plane so his engine and all is not built to race and go at fast speeds like he would have to in a race. But he has a big dream to be in this race so he tries his hardest. hes got a buddy who is a gas truck (sorta like Mater in cars) who helps him practice but after he has to go to the garage to get a part replaced he realizes that there is a old fighter plane in the town (like Doc Hudson in cars) so he goes to him and ask him to train him and after he turns him down a few days later he changes his mind and helps him train. fast forward a little, he gets in the race and he is doing okay and he ends up winning! If you want more you’ll have to watch the movie but i highly recommend it! and one last thing, it has some really funny jokes in it.

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John Stuart


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