Ford, Chevy or Toyota…or Dodge

I asked my friends on Facebook the past couple days the questions “Ford or Chevy” and “Chevy or Toyota” and most people said Chevy. Everyone has their own opinion, i kinda expected there to be an argument in the comments but everyone seemed to respect others choices. Honestly I just posted that to see what people thought but that might help me when i choose my first car, who knows. There were a few people in each post that chose Dodge which wasn’t even a choice, but that’s okay. And there was at least one person who said Either. So what do you choose? Ford, Chevy or Toyota or even Dodge? Let me know in the comments and please respect others opinions!

Thats all i have for you today, please Follow this blog and share it with your friends, give me feedback and like this post! Thanks for listening!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


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