So is YouTube actually a “Social” network? this is a question Ive asked some of my friends and they’ve all told me no but, i think it is because you can do these things…well some you used to be able to do…until September 12th.

Comment: You can comment on someones video and tell them what you think and they can replay to that comment and you can reply the comment that they replied, it goes on and on and that makes it “Social”, at least i think.

Video Responses: You used to be able to basically tag your own video to someone’s video that was like a video comment. They took this feature way on September 12th and they are suppose to have a new feature to replace it so we will see what that is.

Like or Dislike: You can tell someone just by a click of a button whether you like what they said in the video or dislike it. its a big ego killer if you dislike people’s videos but if you like it, it helps them see that someone cares about the content they are sharing, again this is being “Social”.

Subscribing: If you subscribe to someone its like becoming their friend on Facebook or following them on Twitter, its saying “Hey i like what this guy or girl is sharing”. This is being “Social” because you are connected to that person on the internet and you get their videos in your feeds.

So now its your turn to respond. Is YouTube a Social Network? let me know by commenting and if you like what i have to say please like this post and share with your friends! Thanks for listening!

Just Rambling,

John Stuart


3 thoughts on “Is YouTube a Social Network?

  1. I’m actually reading a book called Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki. It’s basically a marketing book and it tells how you can make yourself and your product or sales pitch more marketable. Anyways, just today, I read about how YouTube can be used to enchant your customers. He says: “Despite it’s slogan, ‘Broadcast Yourself,’ YouTube isn’t a broadcast medium. Instead, it’s the world’s most popular online video community.”

    Community=Social Interaction
    Therefore, yes, YouTube is a social network of sorts 🙂


    1. Interesting…You know that’s funny because they haven’t had that slogan for a few years now because its no longer a place just to share cat videos its a place where people make money and get big off of YouTube.


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