Letting Go

I know its hard when someone you love walks out on you, or you just don’t feel the same about them anymore but you don’t want to leave them. I’m not at all trying to say its easy, I’ve been through some of those hard times myself, but you need to learn to let go. You wont be able to let go right away, it’s going to take some time for you to heal up a little bit, you wont heal completely, your still gonna miss that person and maybe even want that person back. One of these days you’re gonna have to move on and let go. Letting go has to be the hardest thing in life, no matter what it is, from letting go of a loved one to letting go of your favorite toy. What is letting go? Letting go is realizing you can’t be with that person anymore and taking the steps to move on.

What are the steps to moving on? Well I’d say step one is not finding someone to fill that hole but finding something. Find something that distracts you from thinking about the pain, a hobby or hang out with people, keep yourself from having too much alone time. Alone time is what really makes it hard because you get bored and you start to think. You think about all the memories you had with that person or you listen to the songs that meant something in that relationship and that can only make it worse. Surround yourself with people who care about you and maybe find someone who you can talk about it with you and someone who will help you to move on.

The second step is forgiving, now this is a pretty big one. Who are you forgiving? Well the other person and yourself, things don’t work out all the time, things will happen. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was you both need to take the blame. It’s never just one persons fault, so forgive yourself before you forgive the other person. Once you forgive you’ll be surprised how much pain it takes off, you wont be completely better, i don’t know maybe you will but that’s not the last step.

The last step is finding someone new. This does not mean finding someone to fill that hole, you should never do that. Don’t take this step until the hole is almost done healing, this might be several months it might be several years. Look for someone different, because if you look for people who were like that other person then you will be reminded and that hole will start coming apart again. Don’t bring up things to the new person about your last relationship, not only will that make them feel weird but you will start feeling weird too. Start over with a new person, don’t try to start right back up where you left off with the last person, that doesn’t help either. And don’t try to change yourself because the last person didn’t like something about you, you are who you are and that’s the way you should be. So bottom line is try to start over, try to start with a clean heart and that should help you on letting go.

That’s all i have for today and ill be posting a new post on Monday so i hope you read it and share it with your friends and give me feedback. Thanks For Listening!

Just Rambling,

-John Stuart


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