iOS 7 and It’s Pros & Cons

iOS7 LockScreenSo iOS7 is coming out this fall and i have some issues with it. Yes i agree its a very nice update but it has its pros and cons, everything has its pros and its cons i suppose. Apple has made some pretty smart things in the past 10 years but they arnt perfect. There are some new things in this OS update but also some stupid updates.

iMessages, its extremely white and it’ll be even brighter when your texting in the dark like we all do.

Okay Photos are are pretty cool the way they order it with date and location. but again its a little too white.

Ok i love the home screen there’s more then i can explain the best way to look at is is look up the press video about ios7.

One of the new things that they have is Multitasking! i think this will be useful!

Control Center is another great feature they added! itll be easier to turn wifi on and off or airplane mode and Bluetooth!

AirDrop is a new feature! its basically like Bluetooth but just for apple devices.

iTunes Radio is basically like Spotify Radio or Pandora so i guess Apple finally caught up.

Thats all i have for you today! please give me feedback and share with your friends! Thanks for Listening!

Just Rambling,

-John Stuart

Check out my iOS7 Rant video Here


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