3 Types of Love

What are the types of love? Are there types? Well that’s a good question. I think there is, so this whole post is just my opinion so please know that i might be wrong. Back to the types of love. I think there are 3 types, well 4 but the last one can kinda go into the 3rd one and ill explain that later. So here they are!

The first type is the good old family love. The kind where you love your family to death and you’d do anything for them. This kind of love everyone should have and probably do have, unless you had a really messed up childhood or non of your family is still alive and if that’s the case then I’m really sorry for you. but even then you probably have or had someone who you grew up with you that was like a mom or dad or brother or sister. Someone who was a guide to you.

The second type of love is the Relationship love, you know the mushy lovey kind. Again everyone should have someone in their life that they can have this kind of love with. Sadly some people don’t, but probably about the same amount of people who don’t there are people who do have that someone in their life. This kind you have to be careful with though. You could end up on the wrong foot and end up losing that person or losing yourself and all your friends around you. Trust me I’ve had experience with this first hand. But the other side of that if your careful with it you can find someone who you will spend the rest of your life with, where the kind of love that i mentioned in another post “What is Love?“.

And The last but not least type of love and the kind where i think it sorta makes it 4 types of love. Friendly love. Now your probably thinking “Friendly love? if i told my friends i loved them then that would just be weird”. Well yeah it probably would but if you think about it you do love them. You would do just about anything for that friend. You care about that person a lot, otherwise you wouldn’t be hanging out with that person, talking to that person, or anything else. Now here’s where the extra 4th one comes in, Best Friend Love. This is your best friends, you hang out with them more, you talk to them more, and you would do more for them then just a normal friend.

Thanks Guys for listening to me ramble about this, please give me feedback on it and look out for more posts like this!

-John Stuart


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