What is Love?

Love…that’s a big word (not literally) but the meaning of love is big. so what is love? Well the Bible says love is “Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud;  love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs;  love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.  Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.    Love is eternal. ” – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a.

So if love is all that then are we treating it like that or are we treating it as something to do, or as just a feeling that feels nice to have for a while until we get tired of it. Love is a great feeling you have inside and the feeling can’t be explained that well other then “Wonderful” yeah there is times when loving someone is hard, there are times you don’t want to love someone. but if you are truly dedicated and truly in love with someone then you will love them no matter what.

So whats a way to know if your truly in love? This is just my thoughts and I’m sure there’s other ways but put it this way.

If you were offered a pot of gold or someone to love which would you choose? In my opinion i would choose someone to love. Because even though i might lose money and spend a lot of my time with that person when i could be doing other things. Nothing beats that feeling that you have when your with someone who actually cares to be with you. The happiness that brings you is something money can’t buy. Yeah money can buy you things that make you happy but what happens when you get tired of that something? Love you will hopefully never get tired of and it can last forever if you let it.

Also think of it this way… If you had a choice of living in a big house with a fancy car and lots of money but no one to live with (Except maybe a maid and a butler) or live in a shack with a piece of crap for a car and just enough money to get by but someone to share that with, someone to love. which would you choose?

This is just one of the things i can ramble on about and ill be posting more over the weeks about stuff i ramble about.  Please give me feedback on this and all future posts!

Thanks for Listening!

-John Stuart


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